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My name is Aaron Feldman and I am the CEO / Founder of True Photography Weddings. I started True Photography 12 years ago, after graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography. At first, I began photographing alone. I would shoot weddings, do the marketing to bring in more business, retouch the images, process the accounting, and build albums. Although my clients were happy, I found that I was spread too thin to accomplish everything effectively. I would start a retouch project and then leave immediately to photograph a wedding... Then I would come home and have an album to complete. I wanted to produce the highest level of happy for my clients as well as myself, and I realized that big changes needed to be made. Fast-forward ten years, and many refinements. Today, True Photography Weddings is made up of a very small, hand-picked team of talented individuals. Not a photo factory. We are people who love to photograph and are dedicated to creating amazing images for your wedding day. We share a common vision of what we feel good wedding photography should be. This has taken years to refine, and we continue to grow together as creative artists. With the technical expertise, and innovative mindset of our team, there are no limits to what we can produce.

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Lynn and Tim

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