Welcome to our online pricing customizer and booking tool.

Our packages are completely customizable, making our service very attainable at different budget levels. On average, many clients choose packages that fall within the $3,200-$4,000+ range. If you are starting with a budget below our average booking, and photography is your top priority, it will be worthwhile to contact us. We offer many possibilities and payment options to provide you with the top-level of photography, with no corners cut. We also offer special midweek rates. Please try out the customizer below to create your perfect package.

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Step 1a: Wedding Essentials

  Please Select Your Wedding Date

We are available! Total updated: 5% discount applied to hourly rate for week day/off-season date

Please Enter Your Venue Zip Code or City
When typing in a city, select it from the drop down list to get the zipcode (needed to calculate travel costs if > 50 miles)

Total updated: $400 added for travel

Number of Expected Guests

Step 1b: Photographer Options

  Number of Photographers - drag to select
(typically 2 photographers is strongly recommended)

A minimum of 2 photographers are required with your guest count.

Total updated:

  Number of Photography Hours Needed - drag to select
(the average is 6 hours for a wedding day)

Total updated: $595 added for extra hour(s)

Step 1c: Engagement Photo Shoot Options

  Number of Engagement Photography Hours within City Limits
(the average is 1 to 1.5 hours for an engagement shoot)

Step 1d: Image Enhancement

Image Enhancement to every image to ensure the very best quality!

Image Enhancement is always included with your package

Step 1e: File Storage

Flash Drive
A commemorative Flash Drive of all your images in full resolution, $125 value

1 Flash Drive is included with your package

Step 1f: Images Posted Online

Images Posted Online (included at no additional charge)
Family and Friends can view images and order prints yes please

There is no additional charge for this service.

Step 1g: Additional Ways to Save

Only one discount can be applied to your total. If you select more than one discount, the greater discount will automatically be applied to your total.

  Are you a member of the US Armed Forces?
(active duty or veteran) 10% Discount

Discount updated: 10% discount applied to hourly rate for military status. Verification will be required.

  Are you a Nurse, Teacher, member of Police or Fire department?
(you or a spouse) 5% Discount

Discount updated: 5% discount applied to hourly rate for civil service status.

  Would you like to create a photography registry?
(you will be emailed with instructions)

Studio Code (optional)

Step 1h: Cancellation Coverage

  Cancellation Coverage - $150
With Cancellation Coverage, if you need to cancel your contract before the event date, we will refund half of all money paid, and waive any additional balance. Otherwise, all deposits and payments are non-refundable, even in the event of cancellation.

Cancellation coverage has been added to your order.

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