Poetry Photo Booths


Contact: Jeremy Bautista

Email: jeremy@poetrybooths.com

Phone: 888.6.POETRY

Web: poetrybooths.com

Elegance. Style. Individuality. Oscar Wilde once stated that “he lives the poetry that he cannot write…” and we at Poetry Booths could not agree more with this truth. Derived from the ancient Greek word “poieo” meaning “to create”, the word poetry strikes an artistic cord in every spirit leading a person to imagine or create thoughts, desires and memories that are aesthetically pleasing. By itself, the word poetry conjures up a type of nostalgia, the kind that allows a person to place his or herself into a pleasing setting that has shaped them into the person they are today. Our desire is to satisfy that creative soul, by allowing you to capture these poetic moments which cannot be written with a pen but can only be found in a picture. Too often these “snapshots” are lost, never to be seen again. Born out of our own joy from packing friends into a small photo booth in the mall as kids, Poetry Booths is the “grown up” way of feeling like a kid again. While the importance of those candid photos with friends will never die, the desire to hang inside of a shabby, beat up, three person booth of the past certainly has. In a culture with a passion for elegance, sophistication, technology and cleanliness, Poetry Booths has taken great pride in our appearance and function allowing up to ten people to fit inside a clean booth with comfortable seating that can be custom fitted on the exterior to blend in with any setting. Great for a luxurious wedding by the sea or in the countryside, a corporate party or black tie affair. Any event can be enhanced with a Poetry Booth, while making sure to maintain the elegance of your setting. We believe strongly that the beauty of the day is in the emotions people experience. Capture these with a Poetry Booth and relive the excitement all over again proving that often poetry cannot be put into words.